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CEO of Drake Design & Build Inc.

My love for creating and building was instilled upon me at a very young age when I was a member of Indian Guides with my father. I can remember building a bat-house, stitching a leather wallet & working my way up to building my first wooden go-kart. Upon receiving my Bachelor of Science in Product Design at Appalachian State University, I explored the career path of an Industrial Designer and found myself falling deeply in love with the hands-on side of design. This grew, albeit many years, from working as a part-time designer and carpenter into what I am today: A proud small business owner of a woodworking company serving Raleigh & surrounding areas for all their Furniture, Cabinetry & General Construction needs. I've lived in Raleigh for over 9 years now and love everything it has to offer, especially the people that live here. I've now officially been in business for myself for 2 years and am building a future for my family doing what I love. I'm truly passionate about what I do and strive to put out products of the upmost quality that enrich the lives of others. I'd be honored to transform your dreams into a reality. Feel free to contact me to set up a one-on-one consultation free of charge and see what we can build together!